Depending on who you ask, I: have too many bicycles, spend too much time walking up mountains, don’t actually need another kayak, or should probably be spending more time throwing that tennis ball and less time writing words for websites.

(That last one would be my dog, Pilot, who has too much energy for her own, or anyone’s good. Pilot is a Labradoodle. Unless you are independendently wealthy, live in a national park, and have a compulsion to throw a tennis ball for 22 hours a day, do not get a Labradoodle. )



My preferred mode of play is moving around outdoors under my own power. I’m not an athlete, so I don’t move very fast, but it’s what I did with my time as a child and it’s what I choose to do with it now. It’s relatively harmless, I think, unless you’re stuck behind me on some singletrack. I know many people who are avid cyclists or true alpinists or dedicated trail runners - I don’t have that kind of singular focus. That seems like work to me. That’s a different tab altogether.

That having been said, I do get to experience the joy of trying to explain why a cyclocross bike is different than a mountain bike, or why derailleurs are expensive, or why I totally need a set of paddles that cost at least as much as the boat, or why I need another tent.

 I need to go throw a tennis ball now.